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About Us

Making the Metaverse Real

Driven by passion, ElementXR was founded in 2022 by gathering a team of top industry professionals and scientists. Since the company’s establishment, the team has made outstanding breakthrough with the creation of game-changing Near Eye Display solutions for AR and VR. Our mission is to redefine the future of XR technology by providing revolutionary optical modules. 



Barak Leshem


Kobi Barak

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Daniel Grinberg

Major general in reserve from IDF. Former commander of the ground forces and technology division. Expert in logistics and complex large scale projects.  

Experienced tech entrepreneur focusing since 2009 on electro optic technology for AR and VR glasses. Former CEO of Imagine Mobile, Communet (DSSI Inc.), GM of the R&D Division at Internet Gold Group and founder of Reality+.

Experienced businessman focusing on large scale operations in the high-tech industry.


The five essential elements of the Metaverse

A virtual – reality: the Metaverse is expected to be a parallel reality in which you will experience a parallel existence. Not realistic, but real. That means a parallel cognitive perception comprising physics, ethics and personality aspects, taking in consideration the complex interaction with your real existence in the real world. In the Metaverse you may choose your look and even your gender and age. There is no body to feed and no danger to be physically injured. There is only one essential fact: your existence in the Metaverse depends on you. Imitating the real world will cause disappointment because you will never be able to compete. The Metaverse will be created through natural evolution but to kick off there is a need of creative and open mind approach focusing on young generations.

Immersive perception: the sense of presence in a real environment including a natural field of view, natural viewing resolution and colors, focus, perspective and motion. We need convince your brain that the virtual reality is safe. When it comes to mixed reality through see-through or pass-through AR glasses the challenge is even greater since the cognitive perception integrates the real and the virtual worlds.

Convenient wearable devices: I wear optical glasses. with no glasses my vision is blurry. I take my glasses off only when I sleep. I would prefer not to wear glasses but I am very much used to it so I don’t care. This should be the feeling towards VR/XR devices. Those should be comfortable to wear and allow a comfortable and natural viewing. When it comes to AR glasses those should allow many different styles and shapes, as eyewear do today.

Technology: creating the Metaverse is a huge technological challenge comprising electro optics, image processing, sensors, logical systems, communication, display, power, design, cloud systems, social platforms and many more. Assembling and integrating the right technology within the right architecture and infrastructure is a key factor.

Right use cases: not everything will be efficient and practical in the Metaverse. Focusing on the right use cases, providing alternative or even completely new implementations will be essential to get users’ attention and to become a routine.      

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